Veteran Owned Small Business



Whether you require a complete plumbing design for a new construction project or are upgrading or maintaining an older system, the quality of your plumbing can have a huge effect on your everyday life and business. We can help.


HVAC / Refrigeration

When it comes to ensuring a pleasant, positive atmosphere for your business project, a quality HVAC and refrigeration system plays a key role in the process. And when those systems aren’t working properly – regardless of the reason – everyone feels it.


When it comes to maintaining electrical systems, it can be difficult to identify a problem before it becomes, well, a bigger problem. That’s because electrical issues can be well hidden and difficult for the untrained (and even trained) eye to detect. Your electrical systems can last much longer than you think.


Fiber Optic

Managing a busy, thriving business means having efficient tools at your disposal. Avalon Electric is a known leader in the fiber optic network cabling, telecom and cabling contracting, installation, splicing, fusion and maintenance business.



When it comes to a large-scale electrical project, at Avalon Electric, we’re here to keep the lights on – literally. Our licensed, professional electricians have the know-how to set up your electrical system – regardless of the size – and to keep your electrical functions, well, functioning.