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When it comes to a large-scale electrical project, at Avalon Electric, we’re here to keep the lights on – literally. Our licensed, professional electricians have the know-how to set up your electrical system – regardless of the size – and to keep your electrical functions, well, functioning. At Avalon Electric, we specialize in:

Upgrading Existing Electrical Systems

Electricity is often like technology; after years of use, it can become outdated, inefficient and just plain frustrating. If your project requires a new or upgraded electrical system, we can help; it may be time to upgrade to something more advanced, energy efficient and user-friendly.

At Avalon Electric, we specialize in ensuring that your project or business is up to date with our times. Not to mention that, by installing the right energy-efficient systems, your project will be friendly to the environment and your budget.

Diagnosing and Repairing Known Issues

On a large or small scale, electrical issues can be confusing, frustrating and expensive. At Avalon Electric, we specialize in quickly and correctly diagnosing electrical issues – then repairing them quickly, with quality supplies and workmanship. From small annoyances to large-scale electrical conundrums, there’s no job we can’t handle. And that means you can be back to business as usual – quickly.

Maintaining Systems

Just like a vehicle or home, maintenance is crucial to a thriving electrical system. By getting regular maintenance from Avalon Electric, you can avoid potentially expensive, inconvenient and complicated future repairs. Let Avalon Electric give you the professional service you need now – so you can rest easy later.