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HVAC / Refrigeration

When it comes to ensuring a pleasant, positive atmosphere for your business project, a quality HVAC and refrigeration system plays a key role in the process. And when those systems aren’t working properly – regardless of the reason – everyone feels it.

Whether it’s a new, large-scale project, complete project remodel or project maintenance, upkeep and repair, Avalon Electric is your premier source for expert HVAC and refrigeration installation, repair and maintenance. With decades of experience working with HVAC and refrigeration systems of all sizes and capabilities, we can make sure you’re HVAC and refrigeration systems are always running at peak performance.

Refrigeration and HVAC systems are critical to a business; that means you should look at repair and maintenance as a necessary protection for this investment. When your system shuts down or a small issue becomes a big problem, your costs to repair or replace the system can skyrocket.

At Avalon Electric, our trained and licensed professionals are capable and up to speed on today’s newest technologies, techniques and procedures.

HVAC Installation and Service

Whether you’re dealing with new construction that requires an entire system installation, or maintaining or upgrading a current system, we have you covered. Our years of experience working with HVAC systems of all sizes enable us to expertly install, upgrade and maintain any system. When we service your HVAC system, we:

  • Check the system’s operation to identify or diagnose possible issues
  • Check refrigerant charge levels and air flow
  • Assess state of electrical connections
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Clean blower components
  • Check, clean or replace filters

Refrigeration Systems

From designing to installing, servicing, maintaining and upgrading refrigeration systems, Avalon has what you need – when you need it. We work with refrigeration systems of all kinds, and can ensure that your system is performing at its optimal level.

We know that quality and efficiency are your chief concern when it comes to refrigeration systems. We can help you customize a new system or upgrade system that keeps your goals and objectives in mind – so you can get back to business.