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When it comes to maintaining electrical systems, it can be difficult to identify a problem before it becomes, well, a bigger problem. That’s because electrical issues can be well hidden and difficult for the untrained (and even trained) eye to detect. While electrical deterioration is normal, your electrical systems can last much longer than you think. That’s why professional infrared inspections are critical in order to identify and mitigate electrical deterioration before it becomes a significant issue. Some of the services we provide:

  1. Large and Small Electrical Systems
  2. Full Photo Reports
  3. Tighten and Repairs Same Day
  4. Electrical Code Violation Inspections
  5. 24 Hour Service
  6. Heating and Cooling Central Plants Thermography
  7. Arc Flash Coordinated Studies w/ Stickers
  8. Decade of Experience in Infraredding the Las Vegas Strip

Electrical deterioration can be accelerated and exacerbated by the environment, electrical overload or severe duty cycle. That’s why the National Fire Protection Administration recommends that businesses adopt an Electrical Preventive Maintenance program, which allows them to identify and recognize problem areas and mitigate them before they become dangerous liabilities.

Infrared Inspection Services

Our infrared inspection services can help you keep your electrical systems running smoothly and effectively. Since most electrical issues are associated with excessive temperatures, an infrared inspection helps to pinpoint areas of excessive heat, including those on electrical switch gear, distribution system or any mechanical equipment.

Infrared Camera

Our infrared camera captures heat “images” that your eye would not be able to discern. This inspection is conducted while your electrical system is running normally in order to catch the areas adversely affected by normal, everyday use.

Infrared Experts

Once we discover an issue, we can work to repair or correct it in order to mitigate potential risk and liability for your business. Because of its reliability, thermography should be an integral part of your Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program.

When you catch electrical issues before they blossom into major problems, you save valuable time and money, while protecting your business, your employees and your customers.

If you’re looking for a trained, licensed, experienced electrical inspector who can use infrared technology to identify, diagnose and mitigate electrical system issues, give Avalon Electric a call today. We have decades of experience in infrared thermo maintenance and can usually repair any issue same-day.